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Our pools are treated with truly clean technology, without chemicals.


The science of water purification, based on ultraviolet rays (UV), is the process of sterilization through electromagnetic radiation, with waves capable of producing physical changes in microorganisms harmful to health.

In order to maintain a high level of hygiene in our pools, we have reinforced the exclusive use of biodegradable sunscreens.

We have separated some options that involve the correct choice of a good biodegradable sunscreen:

Rose face, alteya organics, Aliv-Sol, Aliv-Gaia, Gree Screen, Kabana, Skin Care, All natural sunscreen, Soleo Organics, Hydro Lotion, Isdin, Suntegrity Skincare, Natural mineral Color stick & Shock.

All of these options can be found in specialty health food stores, pharmacies and online stores.


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